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South End Surf N Paddle New Year's Specials



Ken and Sheryl SUP in Hawaii
South End Surf ‘N Paddle, Long Beach Island, NJ
What's new?
The Door Yoga mat

"The DOOR" Stand Up Paddle Board - 7', 7'6", 8', 8'6"
Super fun board. 
Pros: As stable as a typical 10'6 x 32" - Very fast through flat sections.
Cons: Are actually t
he major pros...
Wide tail make it Skatey/pivoty/Slippery.  Wide outline make this board not fit in the steep part of the wave, but fly down the line for the shoulder.  $950

Riviera 9'6 and 10'6 Yoga Mat
The Yoga Mat is a Yoga specific SUP, not just an SUP that you can do yoga on.  The wide nose and tail packs in a ton of  stability and volume creating a compact and sturdy platform for practicing yoga.





Riviera Paddles Art Series Riviera Paddles Solid

Riviera Art Series Paddles...  Ever wondered why everyone is using a black paddle with white logos? So did we!  Full Carbon Construction with the Vantage Blade shape.  Super light at 16oz!

Riviera Branch Series Paddles...  Full Carbon Construction with the Vantage Blade shape.  The wood application (It's real wood veneer.) adds a bit of weight, but still Super light at 18oz!
Standup Paddleboard Yoga / SUP Yoga
Yoga on SUP Stand up Paddleboard on LBIStand Up Paddleboard Yoga
Welcome to South End Surf 'N Paddle!  We are a specialty surf shop located in Beach Haven on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. 

We specialize in stand up paddle boards / SUP.  We encourage you to sign up for a free demo to try a wide range of boards to find the one you love - with no obligation to buy.

We always have at least 50 Riviera paddlesurf brand of SUP boards in the shop, including race boards, recreational boards, and surfing boards.  These include boards by Riviera, Ron House, Danny Ching, 404, Jeff Clarke, and Tim Patterson in a variety of colors and sizes.






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